An Object of Merit

What makes an ordinary bowl beautiful? AN OBJECT OF MERIT is a short documentary about a young ceramic artist exploring the Canadian and Korean influences on his functional wares. The film examines themes of cross-cultural identity, beauty in utility, and finding purpose in one’s art.


  • Amanda Ann-Min Wong
  • Amanda Ann-Min Wong is a Canadian filmmaker, writer, sound artist, and musician. Her latest films include AN OBJECT OF MERIT (2020), THE WAY WE ARE (2020), DEAR JOURNAL (2020), and SWIM LOW (2016). Her next directorial project is an upcoming web-series called How T.O. Art. Originally from Singapore, Amanda now lives in Toronto. In her free time, she loves rocking out with her band, cutsleeve.
  • Producer

    • Amanda Ann-Min Wong
  • Cast

    • Minjae Lee
    • Timothy Smith
    • Chris Sora

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