12 minutes

Digital, Drama

Japanese, English

United States


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Despite living in the U.S. for almost a year, Kenji, a stage combat student in New York, is still struggling with his English and schooling. One morning, he gets an unexpected phone call from his father in Japan for the first time since his move. Throughout the conversation, he puts up a good front, but vanity prevents him from expressing his honest feelings. After a quarrel, he ends up hanging up on his father. But little does he know there is a real reason why his father called him.

Runner-up Fiction, Brooklyn College/CUNY

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  • Nobuhiro Futaki
  • Nobuhiro Futaki was born in Japan, and currently lives in the United States. In 2016, he started acquiring film education by entering the study of film production at Brooklyn College. One of his student works, Program Amore, which he wrote, directed and produced, was officially selected and screened in One Take Film Festival in Zagreb, Croatia in 2018. Since completing his BFA in 2019, Nobuhiro continues to explore unique visual expressions.
  • Producer

    • Nobuhiro Futaki
  • Writer

    • Nobuhiro Futaki
  • Cast

    • Ken
    • Nathaniel Velez
    • George Eliseev
    • Myu Hayashi

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