10 minutes

Digital, Action, Animation, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

English, Korean

United States, KOREA


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Through a dark and narrow school hallway, a group of students and young soldiers are running away from a mysterious creature. In the process, Jen, a student soldier gets injured and becomes infected by the creature. While the team’s medic, Pvt. Stone, tries to help her, he learns that he is out of antibiotics. In search of medicine and a way to escape the school, the group must work together to ensure their survival.

City College/CUNY

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  • Joong Won Pyo
  • Joong Won Pyo is a Coordinator at ViacomCBS and a Georgetown University Class of 2018 Alumnus. He tries to live up to the name “The Creative Business Student” by working in distribution in the day and collaborating as a writer, director, and fight choreographer at night. In 2022, after his military service, he plans to move to LA to find a job in film and television development. To see his other works, Google Joong Won Pyo as he seems to be the only person in the world with that name so far.
  • Producer

    • Joong Won Pyo
    • Jakar Morgan
  • Writer

    • Joong Won Pyo
  • Cast

    • Tobee Paik
    • Meejee Kim
    • Bethany Kim
    • Jakar Morgan
    • Kate Ginna
    • Noreen Quadir
    • Albert Lee

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