A Trip with Mom

A Trip with Mom

28 minutes

Narrative, Drama, Family

Mandarin, Taiwanese

Taiwan, United States


International Premiere

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Middle-aged Xia Changming lives in the countryside with his 80-year-old demented and disabled mother. Struggling to keep his job while also acting as his mother’s full-time caregiver, Changming crumbles under his physical and psychological exhaustion and turns to drastic measures.


  • 隋淑芬 Sophie SHUI
  • Sophie SHUI was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. After working as an editor in newspapers for more than 20 years, Sophie followed to her heart and went to professional school to learn the theory and practice of filmmaking. Director SHUI is good at drawing materials from real-life experiences, depicting the complexity of human nature. Her works are fantastic, daring and profound, which often have unexpected endings, yet filled with human feelings, leaving audiences with lingered afterthoughts.
  • Producer

    • 陳秋甫 Chiou Fu CHEN
    • 丁祈⽅ Chi-Fang TING
  • Writer

    • 隋淑芬 Sophie SHUI
  • Cast

    • 劉引商 Yiin-Shang LIOU
    • 陳以⽂ Yi-Wen CHEN

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